Instrukcje kodowania Ge Spacemaker Wwp1170g

Instrukcje kodowania Ge Spacemaker Wwp1170g to kodowanie, które umożliwia sterowanie urządzeniami elektrycznymi, takimi jak pralki, lodówki, zmywarki, suszarki i inne. Kodowanie Ge Spacemaker Wwp1170g jest wygodne, ponieważ kodowanie można wykonać za pośrednictwem aplikacji lub przycisku na urządzeniu. Przyciski na urządzeniu umożliwiają sterowanie funkcjami urządzenia, takimi jak ustawienie temperatury, czasu prania lub czasu suszenia. Aplikacja pozwala użytkownikom ustawić wszystkie ustawienia zdalnie, co znacznie ułatwia używanie urządzeń elektrycznych. Instrukcje kodowania Ge Spacemaker Wwp1170g są łatwe w użyciu i mogą być używane do sterowania wieloma urządzeniami elektrycznymi w domu lub biurze.

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Use andCare ofSpacemaker@..

Features of
youroven p5
Cooking bytime
How touse
Save the andmoney.
Before youcallforservice,
usetheProblem Solver

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,,.,.. E%? sureyour Fhxi3d this TO oven k It will help you operate and main- tain your new Microwave Oven It is important that we, the manu-. properly. facturer, know the location of your Microwave Oven should a need ~~ Keep it handy for answers to your occur for adjustments. questions. ‘- Your supplier is responsible for registering you as the owner. If you don’t understand something or need more help... Pleasecheck with your supplier to Call, toll free: be sure he has done so: also send

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Before Microwaving...,........ 2 @ Seedoor cleaninginstruc- SafetyInstructions........... 3, 4 Whenusingelectricalappliances basicsafetyprecautionsshould tions cmpage12. Featuresof YourOven.......... 5 befollowed, includingthe s To reducethe risk of fire in TouchControl Panel......... 6, 7 following: the ovencavity: Howto Time Cook............. 8 WAFINIIW3-TOreducethe risk —Do not overcookfood. Care- Howto Defrost................ 9
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... — a Add heating baby k)ocfin e Plastic IJterwMv-+%3stic utensilsdesignedfor microwave glassjars, evenwithout their lids; especiallymeatandegg cooking arevery useful, but groundedby a. mixtures. should be usedcarefully. EverI Seethe speciaiinstallationbook- microwaveplastic maynot be as @ E’bn’t defrostfrozenbever- iet pack$dwith the microwave tolerant of overcookingcondi- agesin narrowneck bottles; oven. tions asareglassor ceramic especiaHy carbonatedones. materialsand maysoftenor Evenif the co

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-.., Ir, =ilr’i%e@ 7- ill u illl I I &4? z? z 1. DoorHandle, (Mm doesn’t operate unless door 11, Ternp4wature Set G2ntrol. Use to set finished’ is securely latched. temperature of food when microwaving by temperature, 2. Door Latch. Push In to open door, 12. T’hne/Temp $wltch [Cook Mode Selection). 3. WindowwithMetalShield, Screenallows cook= SelectTimeor TemperatureCooking by setting irtg to be viewed while keeping microwaves switch to desired function. confined in overt, 13. PowerLevd SetControl. S
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~........................,... -............... -. —.. -.. —. — -.. -=—-. --.. -—-:----——. ——. — -- ----- ---- —- TIME CONW? (’)L ~:—-. -......... --- —. — Your microwaveoven hasa circular timer that can be:J=~, ~=, -- m~m -— -- rotated manually. The timer indicatcwmovestoward “O” only when the oven is cooking or defrosting with microwaveenergy. When the timer reaches “O” a bell will sound to tell you that cooking is completed and the power, inte- rior light and fan are shut off automatical
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. - -- —. —4. - —.. —..... — —. ~+-~. ~ -. —-—-? latisiizalzz%% VARIAEMEPOWERCONTROL Your new microwave oven allows you a complete selection of microwave power levels from which to choose. Always check with The Microwave Guide -—. —-—- —-—. -—-... A=. *l Z and Cookbook to find out which power level is. -a.. —.., :-*-===:: —.. - —. --— recommendedfor the food you’re cooking, - — The Variable Power Control is marked with 10 set- tings. However, you can adjust the pow

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The time cookingfeatureallows To becomebetteracquaintedwith you to presetthe cookingtime. time cooking, makea cup of coffee by following the stepsbelow. The ovenshutsoff automatically. PowerLevel10is recommendedfor mosttime cooking, but you may changethis for moreflexibility. Seeyour Cookbook. Step4: Turn TimeSetto 1%or half- way between1 and 2 for a cooking timeof 1minuteand30seconds. id!!! Step1:Fillacup 2/3full of waterand add 1 teaspoon of freeze dried Srmr coffee. Usea cup that has no metal de
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The Defrost setting is designed Tips for eventhawing necessaryfor large amounts of food and is one o Foodsfrozen in paperor plastic of the most important advantages can be defrosted in the package. of a microwaveoven. @ Forevendefrosting, manyfoods e PowerLevel3 is recu, mmencied needto be broken up or separated for most defrosting, but you may partof the waythrough the defrost- changethis for more flexibility. ing time. /53=----, -f o Seeyour Cookbook for the. /’ complete defrosting chart. Step3.
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. ~.. For many foods, internal temperature is the best The Temperature Probe test of doneness. The temperature probe is a food thermometer that Roasts or poultry are cooked to your preference gauges the internal temperature of your food; it when temperature cooking. Heating or reheating must be usedwhen using TEMPCOOK. foods accurately to a serving temperature you HANDI E desire is simple and easy. TEMP COOK takes the guesswork out of cooking becausethe oven shuts off automatically when the f

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Thisappliancemustbe grounded. Wherea standardtwo-prongwall Inthe eventof an electricalshort receptacleis encountered, it is your personalresponsibilityandobliga- circuit, groundingreducesthe risk of electricshock by providingan tion to haveit replacedwith a prop- escapewire for the electriccurrent. erly groundedthree-prongwall This applianceis equippedwith a receptacle, powercord havinga grounding 00 iUOtUnderAnyCkcum- wirewith a grounding plug. The Wmes CutorRemove the plug mustbe pluggedinto an o
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YourNewMicrowave Ovenisa Door-inside. Glass:Wipeupspatters SpeeialnotewhenusingBrown‘N Valuable Appliance, ProtectUFrom daily, washwhensoiled, with a min- Sear131sh: High heatgeneratedon imum of sudsywarmwater. Rinse bottomof Brown‘N SearDishcan MisuseByFollowing TheseRules: thoroughlyand dry. causescorchedappearingstainsto e Keepyourovencleanand bakeontothe ovenfloor if greaseis sweet-smelling. Openingthe oven Metaland plasticpartson door: present. Thesemaybe removed Wipefrequentlywith a dampcloth
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SWe time and money=.. bekxe you cd forSWWb, check the Probiem:The ovendoesn’tseemto work at all. Solution:Check first to seethat the 3-prong plug is inserted firmly into the proper receptacle. Next, checkto seeif afuseneedsreplacingat control box. Problem:Ovenwon’t start when using temperature To replace hood iamp, first disconnectpower at probe, main fuse or circuit breaker panel or pull plug. Solution:Check to makesureTime/Temp switch is Remove2 screws from each side of lower panel and set at
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* J / m -- * I through the filter and is then discharged through The exhaust hood feature on your GE microwave providedventing to the outside. The hood also has a oven is equipped with a metal‘filter which collects light for illumina~ingthe counter surface. grease, When the fan is operated, ah’ is drawn up Soak, then agitate fiiter in hot detergent soiution. To removegreasefiiter, grasp the “finger hold” on Don’t use ammcmla or other alkali because it will the filter and push to MOrear. The filter
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Iif Toobtainservice, seeyourwarranty onthe backpageof thisbook. We’reproudofour serviceand wantyouto bepleased. Ifforsome reasonyouarenothappywiththe serviceyoureceive, herearethree stepsto followforfurtherhelp, FIRSTcontactthepeoplewho servicedyourappliance. Explain whyyouarenotpleased. Inmost cases, thiswill solvetheproblem. NEXT, if youarestillnotpleased, writeallthedetails—-including your phonenumber—to: Manager, ConsumerRelations GeneralElectric AppliancePark Louisville, Kentucky40225, FINALLY, if
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1“ ——— -- ——. —”.. —... FULLONE=YEAR WARRANTY - WHATISCOVERED This warrantyis extendedto the $; originalpurchaserandanysucceed- i I Foroneyearfromdateof original ing ownerfor productspurchased purchase, we will provide, freeof for ordinaryhomeusein the48 charge, partsandservicelaborin I 1: mainlandstates, Hawaiiand 1‘-~: 1 yourhometo repairor replaceany, Washington, D. C. in Alaskathe part of the microwave ovenkange I warrantyis the sameexceptthat it that fails becauseof a manufac”: # i 1Darmowe pobieranie PDF Instrukcja Użytkownika dla GE Spacemaker DSKS333 Pralki


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Model: JVM1530
Spacemaker Microwave Oven
Owner’s Manual
Important Safety Information
Precautions to Avoid Possible Exposure
to Excessive Microwave Energy 2
Special Notes About Microwaving 5
Operating Instructions
Features of Your Microwave 10
The Controls on Your Microwave 11
Time Cooking 14
Automatic Cooking 20
Other Features 23
Oven Shelf 29
Helpful Information
Microwave Terms 30
Care and Cleaning 31
If Something Goes Wrong
Before You Call For Service 36
GE Service Numbers 38

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION READ ALL SAFETY INFORMATION BEFORE USING FOR YOUR SAFETY WARNING! For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or loss of life. For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion or to prevent property damage, PRECAUTIONS personal injury or loss of life. Do Not Attempt Do Not Operate th
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WARNING When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the following: SAFETY PRECAUTIONS • Read and follow the • Do not operate this This microwave oven is specific “Precautions to appliance if it has a intended for household Avoid Possible Exposure damaged power cord or to Excessive Microwave plug, if it is not working use and is UL listed for Energy” on page 2. properly, or if it has been installation over electric damaged or dropped. and gas ranges.
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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION READ ALL SAFETY INFORMATION BEFORE USING • Do not store this appliance • To reduce the risk of fire • See door surface cleaning outdoors. Do not use this in the oven cavity: instructions in the Care product near water— and Cleaning section(s) — Do not overcook for example, in a wet of this manual. food. Carefully attend basement, near a appliance when paper, • This appliance must only swimming pool, near a plastic or other be serviced by qualified sink or in simila
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SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT MICROWAVING ARCING Arcing is the microwave • Foil not molded to food If you see arcing, press term for sparks in the (upturned edges act like the CLEAR/OFF pad and oven. Arcing is caused by: antennas). correct the problem. • The metal shelf (if • Metal, such as twist-ties, included) not installed poultry pins or gold- correctly so it touches the rimmed dishes, in the microwave wall. microwave. • The temperature probe • Recycled paper towels (if included) in the containing sma
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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT MICROWAVING • Avoid heating baby food • Do not overcook SAFETY FACT in glass jars, even with the potatoes. They could SUPERHEATED WATER lid off. Make sure all dehydrate and catch infant food is thoroughly fire, causing damage Liquids, such as water, cooked. Stir food to to your oven. coffee or tea, are able to distribute the heat evenly. be overheated beyond • Cook meat and poultry Be careful to prevent the boiling point without thoroughly—mea
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MICROWAVE- SAFE COOKWARE Make sure all cookware If the dish remains cool • Paper towels, waxed used in your microwave and only the water in the paper and plastic wrap oven is suitable for cup heats, then the dish can be used to cover microwaving. Most glass is microwave-safe. dishes in order to retain casseroles, cooking dishes, moisture and prevent • If you use a meat measuring cups, custard spattering. Be sure to thermometer while cups, pottery or china vent plastic wrap so cooking, make sur
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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT MICROWAVING • Use foil only as directed in • Plastic cookware—Plastic Follow these guidelines: this manual. When using cookware designed for 1 Use microwave-safe foil in the microwave microwave cooking is very plastics only and use oven, keep the foil at least useful, but should be used them in strict compliance 1″ away from the sides of carefully. Even microwave- with the cookware the oven. safe plastic may not be as manufacturer’s tolerant of
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GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS/OPTIONAL KITS GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS This appliance is equipped Do not, under any with a power cord having circumstances, cut or a grounding wire with a remove the third (ground) grounding plug. The plug prong from the power cord. must be plugged into an Do not use an adapter plug Ensure proper ground outlet that is properly with this appliance. exists before use. installed and grounded. Do not use an extension Consult a qualified cord with this appliance. WARNING electr
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Operating Instructions Features of Your Microwave (Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. ) Features 1 2 3 10 9 4 8 5 6 7 1 Door Handle. Pull to 7 Removable Turntable. open the door. The Turntable and support door must be securely must be in place latched for the when using the oven. microwave to operate. The turntable may be removed for cleaning. 2 Door Latches. 8 Convenience Guide. 3 Window with Metal Shield. Screen allows 9 Shelf (on some models). cooking
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Quick Start The Controls on Your Microwave Oven (Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. ) You can microwave by time or with the convenience features. 1 Time Features Time Cooking Press Enter TIME COOK I & II (Press once or twice) Amount of cooking time. TIME DEFROST (Press twice) Amount of defrosting time. EXPRESS COOK Starts immediately! POWER LEVEL Power level 1–10. ADD 30 SEC Starts immediately! 11
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Quick Start GUIDE ON MICROWAVE GUIDES IN BOOK Before you begin, check • Cooking the guide located on the • Time Defrost inside front of the oven • Reheat when you open the door. 2 Convenience Features Press Enter Option POPCORN Starts immediately! more/less time serving size BEVERAGE Starts immediately! serving size REHEAT (See Reheat Guide) serving size AUTO DEFROST (Press once) Food weight 12
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Operating Instructions Changing Power Levels Variable power levels add to “equalize” or transfer flexibility to microwave heat to the inside of the cooking. The power levels food. An example of this on the microwave oven is shown with power level can be compared to the 3—the defrost cycle. If surface units on a range. microwave energy did not High (power level 10) or cycle off, the outside of the full power is the fastest way food would cook before to cook and gives you the inside was defrosted
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Operating Instructions Time Features Time Cook Time Cook I Time Cook II Allows you to microwave Lets you change power for any time up to 99 levels automatically during minutes and 99 seconds. cooking. Here’s how to do it: Power level 10 (High) is automatically set, but 1 Press TIME COOK. you may change it for 2 Enter the first cook time. more flexibility. 3 Change the power level You may open the door if you don’t want full during Time Cook to power. (Press POWER check the food. Close the L
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Cooking Guide for Time Cook I & II NOTE: Use power level High (10) unless otherwise noted. Vegetable Amount Time Comments Asparagus 1 (fresh spears) 1 lb. 6 to 9 min., In 1 ⁄2-qt. oblong glass baking dish, Med-High (7) place 1/4 cup water. (frozen spears) 10-oz. package 5 to 7 min. In 1-qt. casserole. Beans 1 (fresh green) 1 lb. cut in half 9 to 11 min. In 1 ⁄2-qt. casserole, place 1/2 cup water. (frozen green) 10-oz. package 6 to 8 min. casserole, place 2 tablespoons water. (frozen
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Operating Instructions Cooking Guide for Time Cook I & II Vegetable Amount Time Comments Corn (frozen kernel) 10-oz. Corn on the cob (fresh) 1 to 5 ears 3 to 4 min. In 2-qt. oblong glass baking dish, place per ear corn. If corn is in husk, use no water; if corn has been husked, add 1/4 cup water. Rearrange after half of time. (frozen) 1 ear 5 to 6 min. Place in 2-qt. oblong glass baking dish. 2 to 6 ears 3 to 4 min. Cover wi
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Time Features Time Defrost Allows you to defrost for the Defrosting Tips length of time you select. • Foods frozen in paper or See the Defrosting Guide plastic can be defrosted in for suggested times. the package. Tightly closed packages should be slit, Power level 3 is pierced or vented AFTER automatically set, but food has partially you may change this for defrosted. Plastic storage more flexibility. You may containers should be at defrost small items more least partially uncovered. quickly b
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Operating Instructions Defrosting Guide Food Time Comments Breads, Cakes Bread, buns or rolls (1 piece) 1 min. Sweet rolls (approx. 12 oz. ) 3 to 5 min. Fish and Seafood Fillets, frozen (1 lb. ) 6 to 8 min. Shellfish, small pieces (1 lb. ) 5 to 7 min. Place block in casserole. Turn over and break up after half the time. Fruit Plastic pouch—1 to 2 3 to 6 min. (10-oz. package) Meat Bacon (1 lb. ) 2 to 5 min. Place unopened package in oven. Let stand 5 minutes after defrosting. Franks (1 lb. ) 2 to
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Time Features Express Cook This is a quick way to set The power level can cooking time for 1–6 minutes. be changed as time is counting down. Press Press one of the Express POWER LEVEL and Cook pads (from 1 to 6) enter 1–10. for 1 to 6 minutes of cooking at power level 10. For example, press the 2 pad for 2 minutes of cooking time. Add 30 Seconds You can use this feature two ways: • It can be used as a quick • It will add 30 seconds to way to set 30 seconds of the time counting down cooking
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Operating Instructions Convenience Features Popcorn How to Use the Popcorn. Feature 1 Follow package Use only with instructions, using Time prepackaged microwave popcorn weighing Cook if the package is 3. 0 to 3. 5 ounces. less than 3. 0 ounces or larger than 3. NOTE: Do not use the metal Place the package of shelf when cooking popcorn. popcorn in the center of the microwave. 2 Press POPCORN. The oven starts immediately. Tap POPCORN to select the bag size you are cooking. 20

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